I At Copenhagen Vineyard we don’t wish to exist just for ourselves – we want to be there for the city and the world we are a part of. The central point in our fellowship is a God who is so good and compassionate towards us that our belief in Him cannot be invisible in our lives. Our faith must be expressed in our relationships with other people, because God simply loves people…all people. Therefore, it is a natural part of the life of Copenhagen Vineyard to help people in need through different social initiatives and projects.

Our faith lives by God’s love, but it lives through charity through practice with others. Why do we want to show compassion and help people? We do it because it is right, because it is God’s desire, and because we simply cannot stop sharing that which we have found in Jesus. We hope you want to join us!

You can read more about our social initiatives in this section, and we have also made a short video about some of the many different projects. You can see it here: