We gladly rent out our church to other churches or Christian organisations.* The building was renovated when Copenhagen Vineyard moved in in May 2008. The basement rooms now appear bright and open, while the original brick-look of the ground floor has been preserved, although with a brighter loft. Belonging to the building is a little garden.

The building consists of:

  • A large hall with a scene, sound gear of high quality, a sound-isolated children’s room with speakers, a translation box as well as a wireless sound system and an info disk. There are 250 chairs (see photo 1-2).
  • A foyer, designed as a café with a modern café-kitchen. Unfortunately, cooking is not an option here (see photo 3-4)
  • A full basement plan with kitchen, toilets, meeting room and a smaller hall with another scene, sound gear, tables and chairs. It is possible to divide this room up with a shooting door (see photo 5-8).

If you are considering to rent the church, you are very welcome to contact the churchs’ administration:

Administration and logistics: Martin Lindhardt 45 33 31 66 67 / martin.lindhardt@vineyard.dk


Daily prices:

Full day: 6000 kr.
Short Weekend (Friday evening – Saturday: 8000 kr.

*Because of the purpose and declarations of the building it is not possible to use it for business and commercial purposes.

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