We believe that God has good plans for his people, and that he wants to help us live a life in freedom.

At the course: “Spot On” we will invite God to work with the difficult things in our lives through teaching and prayer. It is an invitation to a journey in faith where you can discover or re-discover God’s fatherly love for you.

The name “Spot On” has been chosen because we want to let the Holy Spirit cast a (spot)light on the areas in our lives where we need to be transformed and renewed so that we may experience his freedom.

If you have questions about the course you are welcome to contact Armando, Rune or Jesper.

Sign-up is limited to only a few people. If you are interested in joining, please fill out the application form and send it of to Armando at “armandoke@gmail.com”

During the course we will devide participants into male and female groups, whereof the male group will be english-speaking.

APPLICATION FORM (will only be read by the leaders of the course – will be handled with discretion)

Stories from former participants:

Henrik: It helped me to discover and go deeper into some of the areas in my life that were giving me pain or were a problem in my every day life. The teachings and the group talks helped me to unveil these things. I am glad I took the course.

Lene: For me it was the appetizer that made me hungry for going deeper in knowing more of Jesus, and in knowing Him learning to know my true identity and value.

Christoph: It was a great blessing to walk through this course right before getting married. It made me aware of how my past affects my present and also left no question that I will need God’s help to deal with these issues. It was great to start tackling my father wounds during the course. I honestly believe it changed my relationship to my dad and will help me in my future role as dad… What a blessing for my family.

James: It has shown me the freedom that comes with opening up my past to my loving Father who was always there.
It has shown me the power of inviting Jesus to be present in all aspects of my life.
The intimacy of taking this course with others was an unforgettable step forward in my spiritual life.
It is a course for everyone.

 8 Wednesday’s from February 7th to March 28th 2018
Place: Copenhagen Vineyard, Nyvej 7, 1851 Frederiksberg C
Language: English
Price: 350 DKK
(If the course fee is an economical challenge for you, please contact Armando at “armandoke@gmail.com”)