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We have many dreams of making a significant difference in our city and in the wider world that we are a part of. While dreaming may be free, reality costs. In order to make our dreams a reality, it is necessary for as many people as possible to support the work of the church economically. We view our church as a potluck supper where everybody brings, whatever is possible for him or her so nobody goes home hungry. We experience that our faith inspires us to be generous with our private economy, and we believe there is a great blessing in generosity and share what God has given us.

Copenhagen Vineyard is an independent organisation, which does not receive any noteworthy economic support externally. For this reason, we are dependent that all of us who are part of the church take part in supporting the church economically.

It is not at all a requirement to contribute to the economy of Copenhagen Vineyard to be a part of the fellowship – you are so welcome whether you are able to economically support the church or not. But if you feel as a part of the church and enjoy our fellowship, we hope that you want to support the church economically. It enables all the activities of the church, including paying the rent, wages for those employed as well as the social work we are doing outside the walls of the church.

Every penny counts and makes a great difference.

If you are a member of the church and is interested in seeing the latest accountancy – you can acquire that by contacting the church’s administration at

3 ways you can support the church

1. A monthly, fixed transaction: 

If you wish to support the church through a fixed amount, we recommend, that you sign up to PBS, payment service (“Betalingsservice”), because it makes it easier for you and us – you can find a form to PBS here. We will automatically report your contribution to SKAT when you sign up for PBS, so you will get tax deduction for your contribution, if the amount is under 15.600 kr. a year. You can read more about tax deduction rules HERE.

If you wish to make a contribution of more than 15.600 kr. a year we recommend that you sign up for a declaration of obligation (“Forpligtelseserklæring”), where you obligate yourself to support the church with a fixed monthly amount of money or a certain percentage of your monthly income – e.g. 10 percent of your monthly income. In that way you are able to get tax deduction from SKAT on the full amount, no matter how much it is, yet you can maximum get tax deduction on 15 percent of your income. You can download a declaration of obligation HERE.

You can give your PBS-form or the declaration of obligation to the church office, to the staff at the info table during church services on Sundays or send it to København Vineyard, Att. Marina Bondar, Nyvej 7, 1851 Frederiksberg, labelled “Fortroligt”.

2. Increase your already existing payment:

If you already have an agreement on a fixed amount and have a payment service-agreement, you can increase your donation by sending a mail to We will ask you to write down the total amount and from which date the change should be from. If you have created a transaction from your Internet bank, you have to change the amount there. Please remember that when you increase your donation you will have to inform SKAT, the Danish tax authority, on your “forskudsopgørelse”.

3. Give an online gift:

You can pay a one-time gift online HERE.
Money gift in cash or by transaction: You can also put cash in the offering on the information table on Sundays, or make an online transaction to the church’s bank office in Merkur Andelskasse: 8401, kontonr. 0001087842.

You can get tax deduction for your financial support

SKATCopenhagen Vineyard is a tax deductable organisation, meaning that you can deduce the gifts that you give from your taxes. This means that every time you give 100 kr to the church, you will actually only pay 65 kr – the rest is “paid” by SKAT. The first year that you donate to Copenhagen Vineyard, you will not automatically have these payments deducted from your taxes. You will therefore have to inform SKAT that you have started paying money to the church. This can be done via. “TastSelv” on

You can also change your “forskudsopgørelse” in case you wish to take use of this function from the beginning, or you can do nothing, in which case you will have the money paid back by SKAT in the first quarter of the year, when they account for all payments.

When you have informed SKAT that you are paying money to Copenhagen Vineyard, you will have more money paid out every month. The reason is that when you deduct your gifts from your taxes, you are actually paying less in tax. If you for instance donate 100 kr to Vineyard, you will in return receive 35 kr on your income, which can be seen on your “forskudsopgørelse”.

If you give to the church on a fixed basis, we recommend that you give us your reference number (“bidragsnummer”) so that we have a possibility to register your payment and give you the option of deducing this money from your taxes on your “selvangivelse”. There are two ways to deduce the money from your taxes:

1. “Betalingsservice”/PBS: You can have a full deduction from all transactions up until 15.600 DKK per year. Download the application here.

2. Declaration of obligation: You can make a declaration of obligation (in Danish: “Forpligtelseserklæring”) and deduce the paid amount on your “selvangivelse”. Download the application here.

Should you want a reference number, more information on the possibilities of supporting the church’s economy, more info on the options of tax deduction or if you want the account number of the church, contact Marina Bondar In case of changes in your transactions to the church or of your life situation which cause changes in your income, it is important that you always inform SKAT of this on your “forskudsopgørelse”, so that you do not end up having either debt or credit notes with SKAT.

The Economy of Copenhagen Vineyard is being managed by Økonomisk Referencegruppe, ØRG consisting of:

Marina Bondar, / 81 74 77 79

Heine Debel

Jakob Mollerup Ladekær

Flemming Mølhede

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