redenSince 2008, Copenhagen Vineyard has had a partnership with the organization The Nest International, who run the country’s only crisis center for trafficked women.  The organization also has a location where foreign street prostitutes can use the attached health clinic. Copenhagen Vineyard has volunteers in both places.

The Crisis Center: We show compassion and try to create a homey atmosphere for the women who have been trafficked and need a secure place during the period where they are seeking permission to stay in Denmark.  The volunteers from Copenhagen Vineyard cover the afternoon and evening shifts Mondays and Thursdays at the Crisis Center, which is located in Østerbro.

Health Clinic: Foreign street prostitutes do not have CPR numbers, and therefore they are not able to receive treatment in the Danish health system.  Every Monday volunteer doctors and nurses from Copenhagen Vineyard are there to give free treatment to the women who work in Vesterbro.

If you want to hear more about these initiatives or volunteering, you can contact the church’s contact people.
Crisis Center: Esther Gaard Hansen at
Health Clinic: Anne Walsøe at / 27 29 09 27