nightlightcafeNight Light Café is an interdenominational night cafe for foreign women in the prostitution environment in Vesterbro. Our goal is to create a cozy and safe place where the women can come in directly from the street during the night and be met with acceptance. 

We meet the women with openness, love, and respect for their culture and faith
Copenhagen Vineyard has together with other churches in Copenhagen established the night cafe because we desire that Danish churches stand together in spreading God’s hope and light in the places that are unreached.  We do this in different ways and among those through African worship music, prayer, conversation and hygge.  The night café is open every Thursday night from 24 – 03 in the basement of Eliaskirken on Vesterbro Torv.

Only women can be volunteers at Night Light Cafe, and as a volunteer you have on average one shift every third week.  However, both men and women can be prayer volunteers,.  This means that you pray for the café and the specific evening.
If you want to hear more about the night cafe, becoming a volunteer or a prayer volunteer, you are very welcome to contact: Therese Kongsgaard at / 42 42 33 01.