0-3klIn this age group, children are beginning to get curious and they need to be inspired. They start in school where their skills are developed and that also means that they begin expressing their relationship with God. The children still need to play when learning something or processing their feelings, and they are also very eager to learn new things. Therefore we want to inspire the children to have God as a part of their every day life and as staff we want to be inspired by their straight-forward belief and their confidence in the fact that God intervenes.

Who: 1st – 3rd grade
When: Every Sunday after children’s’ worship to approx. 12 – the children go down to the basement after the children’s worship and back up to the church room, when children’s church are over.
Where: In room L5 in the basement – the last room on the left hand on the long basement corridor.

Please contact Søren Holst on ph: +45 – 20 73 52 53 or mail@cffe.dk, if you have any questions.