MOMercy Outreach helps trafficked women and street children in getting a better life, and that happens among other ways through Eden and Good Way Nepal. Mercy Outreach is a danish organization that was started in 2010 as a partnership between Copenhagen Vineyard and Nexø Free Church.  The purpose is to support our team, who tirelessly serve God and marginalized people in South East Asia.  We do this by seeking resources and sharing about the different projects, so that many more are able to join in.
It only costs 100 kroner per year to be a member of Mercy Outreach, and membership makes a huge difference for the people who we work with – so join now at på

If you want to know more, you can find a lot more info at or on our Facebook page.

You are also welcome to contact:
Substitue: Dominik Zdyb: 61998235,
Chairman: Kasper Thorskov: 26 21 52 26 /