maxiWe are committed to experiencing God’s transforming power in a personal and living way. The MAXI community is including and warm and gives us space to reflect on our belief in God. Our focus is that we are all on a journey, which helps us make our identity rooted in the belief that we are precious, beautiful people who are greatly esteemed by a loving God. Tweens og teens are the next generation and it is our dream to use the life potential that God has put in each of us – that is why we are involved as staff on Mega sundays and in fundraising campaigns. We involve ourselves in each others lives by praying and sharing encouraging words with each other.

Sundays where we are not in the church, we will inform parents through SMS or the facebook group for MAXI parents. We will also write a note in the MAXI room.

Who: 4th – 6th grade
When: Every sunday after children’s worship to approx. 12  – the kids go down to the basement themselves.
Where: Room L7 in the basement – behind the kitchen.

Please contact Barbara Hougaard on or Marianne Glitfeldt on ph: +45 – 50 55 09 98 or, if you have any questions.