We are a group consisting of very different people with the same goal: that we wish to know God better. This, we believe, is best done in fellowship, and that is why we are a church. When we say “church” we are not just thinking of a building where we attend services on Sundays. A church is when we gather around the faith in Jesus and everything that it implies. Yes, we are indeed a church on Sunday services, but we are also a church when we meet up weekly in small groups which is a group consisting of 8 to 10 people that meet up in private homes.

We are also a church when we reach out to vulnerable people in both Copenhagen and Asia through our social work where we show the love of God through practice and caring. We are also a church in our daily lives when we send an encouraging text to our friend in need. Everything comes from a deep wish to know God better because we just think He is amazing. That is what Copenhagen Vineyard is.


Said more formally, we are an independent church with the same belief foundation as the Danish national church. When we say independent, it means that our church is not subject to state control and that our church is economically independent of the state. For this reason we can arrange our services any way we wish to. In Copenhagen Vineyard this is for instance visible in that we do not have an altar or pulpit. We have a band that plays when we sing to and about God, and you are welcome to do what you feel like during the music. Our pastors use a down-to-earth daily-life language with a clear message that is easy to understand. We put great effort in creating a fellowship in which everybody feels welcome and comfortable – a value that is visible in our services as well as our many social events. You can read more about our services here.

You can visit our community and be a part of it exactly as you are and feel. At every service, and in the small groups, there are people that are not clarified in their beliefs in God and are not used to attend church. They are there to find out what Copenhagen Vineyard and the Christian belief is. If you also are curious, you should know that you are very welcome and that when you visit, there are no strings attached – and it is completely okay to watch passively. We simply wish that you may feel comfortable and take a positive experience with you home.

Our vision is to be a church where everyone are included, inspired and involved: included in a warm fellowship, inspired in the faith and involved in making a difference to our surroundings.

Welcome in Copenhagen Vineyard!