nepalGood Way Nepal is a Nepalese NGO that works on creating hope for orphans and street kids in Nepal.  Copenhagen Vineyard supports Good Way Nepal through Mercy Outreach.
Good Way Nepal runs, among other things, a home for former street boys, where they have the opportunity to exchange the gang environment out with a loving home.  The boys go to school, receive doctor’s help and help to be set free from glue-sniffing. .
Good Way Nepal also offers free school access to marginalized children who do not live at the boys’ home.
Through Good Way Nepal we also work together with Church of the Living God, which are some of the local churches in Nepal, and it is with great joy that we get to see many new Church plants in different areas of Nepal.

In 2012, we were able to open a Community center in Kathmandu with support from DANIDA.  This gives us the opportunity to come in contact with many more children, and it is our hope to help children and families before desperation forces children onto the streets.

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