If you’re wondering, why we are having church services at all, then let us start there: we meet at church services because the Bible encourages us to meet on a regular basis, because being a Christian is not a personal matter. God created us for fellowship and we go to church services to be together, but most importantly to be with God, who promises to show up when we gather in His name.

So what happens at a church service in Copenhagen Vineyard? We begin by spending some time on singing songs to and about God, because we want to honour Him, and because worship – as we call this music – is a space, where we can have a meeting with God (listen to a Spotify playlist of the songs here). After the worship, we go for a coffee break for about 10 minutes. During the coffee break, we talk to each other and say hello to people, we haven’t met before. In this way, we try to make sure, that everyone feels welcome and comfortable. After the coffee break we listen to a sermon, which lasts about 25 minutes. We finish off with some more worship and during this time, there is also the opportunity to be prayed for, for those who want to. The church services last for a little less than 2 hours. After the morning service, you can eat with others in the café in the church and after the evening service you can hang out in the bar in the church.

What else to expect?
You can expect to meet a lot of different people expressing themselves in different ways, when they sing and pray to God. Some lift their hands, some sit down, others stand still, while others might sit on their knees or might be dancing. We’re all different people with different ways of expressing ourselves and it’s very important to us that everyone has the freedom to sit still or move in the way they want to.

It is our deepest wish that you will feel included, inspired and involved when visiting one of our church services.