God wishes to include every human being into a close relationship. This is what we see from the first to the last page in the Bible as God does everything to be in a relationship with us. God does that because He loves all humans and because He knows that we will have the best life by being in a near relation to Him. God says: “come to me” all throughout history, and He ultimately shows this through Jesus’ death on the Cross and his resurrection – the very core of the Christian belief. At this point Jesus, both God and Human, conquers all evil and darkness. We can meet darkness in our lives when we are lonely, sick, insecure and without hope. Jesus died and was resurrected so that we can be with Him and have an amazing life. All we need to do is to choose to receive the faith in Jesus, which is a gift from God that we cannot do anything to deserve. We can’t qualify to receive the belief in Jesus, all we can do is to come as we are and take the decision to receive the gift of belief – it gives us a personal relationship with a loving, faithful and forgiving God.

God wishes to inspire us to live a life that will make us to know him better and become more like Jesus. Jesus’ life on earth was a life of love, caring, honesty and a life in which others were first. We are not alone in making our lives the best for ourselves, God and others. God gives us everything we need in our daily lives through a personal relation with Him. This means that we can find encouragement, strength, rest and guidance when we speak to Him about everything, large or small, that we encounter throughout the day. God inspires us when we are alone with him, but also through others. For this reason it is important to attend church where we, as a community, learn to know Jesus better. The result of a close fellowship with God is freedom, love, happiness, meaning and peace, even when conditions are bad – and God really wants you to experience this.

God is deeply involved in us, and He wants to be involved in all aspects of our lives so He can help us make the best of our time on earth. God will lavish us with love, peace, happiness and prosperity, not just for our own sake, but so that we can be something for others. Gods innermost wish is that we will all know Him, because He is longing to have a relationship with all of humanity. Therefore He wants us to pass on to others our belief in Him and love one another. God created human for fellowship with Him and other people. Therefore He wants us to be involved in each other through personal relations and by reaching out to vulnerable people in our city and world.

We believe that God wants to include, inspire and involve every human in a personal relation with him – and do so through his churches. Copenhagen Vineyard’s vision is to be a church where everyone can be included in a warm community, inspired in the faith and involved in making a difference to our surroundings.