bpgWe are people from different state and free churches in Copenhagen who offer to pray for people on the streets around Nørrebro station. We do this because we desire for people to experience God’s love and healing power. Most of these people do not come to church themselves, and therefore we wish to meet them where they are.

Everyone is welcome to join. We meet Wednesdays at Drejervej 17, on the 3rd floor at 16:00, where we start with praying for half an hour because we go out to the streets for one hour. Afterwards we go back to Drejervej to debrief about the events of the day.  We end at 18:00.

If you are interested, you can without making an obligation, join our Facebook group and get more info. You can also contact Henrik at henrik@vineyard.dk, who is one of the leaders of Prayer on the Street.

If you are considering starting Prayer on the Streets on a different day, you are very welcome to contact Henrik and discuss it further.