bornekirkeWe believe that children ask themselves the same questions in life as adults do. Where do I come from? Who created me? What is the purpose of my life? Does somebody really love me?

Children are not unreflective and children cannot be fooled easily – they want true answers, which can be proved in the real world we live in.

We want all children to have a place, where they can get to know God through play or talk. The God we introduce to the children is the triune God. The loving God, who created mankind and loves us. Jesus, God’s son, who have made a way for us to be together with God. And the Holy Spirit, which God has sent to those who believe to always be with us and guide us through life.

We believe that all of life’s small and big questions can be answered in a true and real way through a true and real relationship with the triune God – and that’s why we have Children’s church.